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11 Sep 2020

The admission figures have been tallied: the number of applicants to the business school has doubled

The Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg University (GSOM SPbU) has summed up the results of the annual admissions campaign. In 2020, there were significantly more people wishing to get a business education at GSOM SPBU than in the previous year, and the competition for some programs has tripled.


Compared to last year, the number of applicants for GSOM Bachelor programs has almost doubled: from 2699 to 4424. The number of applications for Master programs has also increased: of the total of 697 applications that were submitted, 144 were admitted as GSOM students. Interest in Doctoral studies at GSOM is also growing every year. In 2020, 56 applications were submitted from Russian citizens (51% more than last year). 19 applicants were enrolled in Doctoral programs, of which 10 are foreign students (in 2019 there were only three Doctoral students from other countries). These figures are not final: Because the admission campaign started later this year, the enrollment of foreign citizens in all programs has been continued.


“GSOM, as a part of St. Petersburg State University, has made a significant contribution to the overall results of admission, both in the number of students attracted and the quality of admission. Thus, the competition for our program "Public Administration" is the highest in the University. This is one of the clearest proofs of the status of the International Business School. In the spring, the main task of GSOM was to transfer the educational process online without losing the quality of education. Today, technologies that we have successfully mastered in a short time provide new opportunities for online education. Thanks to this, in particular, foreign and nonresident students can freely study, use all services, communicate with fellow students and professors without being physically present and still be involved in the life of GSOM. This approach has become decisive when applicants chose a university and has significantly expanded the geographical representation of our students,” said Konstantin Krotov, Head of School GSOM SPbU.

Application submissions and all admissions tests this year have been conducted online. In the fall semester all classes are being held in a mixed format. Online classes are held on the MS Teams platform. Detailed instructions have been developed to help students and professors; a GSOM support service has been created to help with technical problems.