The Great Game: SING11-GTM2015 European Meeting on Game Theory closed

On July 10th, the European Meeting on Game Theory completed its 3-day work. SING11-GTM15 is one of the largest international forums on Game Theory. This year it was held in St. Petersburg University on July 8 – 10th, and was combined with the International Scientific Conference “Game Theory and Management” traditionally organized in the Graduate School of Management SPbU.




The Official Closing Ceremony took place in the Great Hall of GSOM SPbU. The guests were greeted by Konstantin Krotov, Director of GSOM SPbU, and Leon Petrosyan, Dean of the SPbU Faculty of Applied Math and Control Process, Head of the SING11-GTM15 Organizing Committee. They distinguished the highest level of reports, broad scope of topics and efficiency of discussions.


The Conference statistics is truly impressive:

  • SING11-GTM15 gathered 169 scientists from 32 countries (63 – Russian participants, 103 – international participants).
  • Domestic experts represented 39 cities – the prominent scientific centers of Russia – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Vladivostok, Saratov, Petrozavodsk etc.
  • Participants made 159 presentations at 39 parallel sessions and 4 Plenary talks.
  • 224 scientists from 35 states had sent 200 abstracts for the Conference collection.  


A special attention was paid to the application of the Game Theory in marketing, public administration and various fields of management.  As Nikolay Zenkevich, GSOM SPbU Assistant Professor, Deputy Head of the Organizing Committee, said in his interview to “Radio Russia”:  “This is a unique event. If you ask anyone what is more efficient – cooperation or competition, everyone would definitely choose cooperation. However, a decision on cooperation is just a beginning of the joint business actions. The next step is coordination of efforts in order to reach the joint goals. Only afterwards the real cooperation starts. How can all this be organized in business or international relations? This exactly is where the Game Theory comes into action.” At the present level of economic development skills in the Game Theory usage becomes a part and parcel of an efficient CEO.   


The general assembly of the Conference resolved to hold the 10th International Scientific Conference “Game Theory and Management” in GSOM SPbU on June 28 – 30, 2016.