Chief Researcher of the Research Center of PPP took part in the XIX annual conference of International Association for the Study of Public Administration (IRSPM-2015)

An important place in the agenda of the conference took the discussion of public-private partnership and public procurement issues. The schedule of the section "Public-Private Partnership: Governing infrastructure contracts for the long term" consisted of two meetings at which it was made 7 presentations. The liveliest discussion was around the following presentations.


Carsten Greve and Graeme Hodge, the authors of a recent bestselling book published by Routledge "Rethinking Public-Private Partnerships. Strategies for Turbulent Times ", presented the paper " The Public-Private Partnership Logic", in which was examined the interaction between the public partner, based on the logic of public policy and private partners, based on the logic of the market.


President IRSPM Erik Hans Klijn in his presentation "The impact of contract characteristics on performance of Public Private Partnerships" presented results of a study of the efficiency of PPP projects, implemented in Denmark, on various contractual characteristics (complexity of the contract, the possibility of imposing sanctions on the private partner, the specifics of the negotiations process, etc.).


Veronica Vecchi report "The burdensome implementation of PPP contracts in the healthcare sector: lessons from Italy" summed up the results of the implementation of PPP projects in the sphere of healthcare in Italy, focusing on examples of mala fide behavior of the private partner.


Chief Researcher of the Research Center of PPP A. Ivanov in his presentation “About the New Approach to the Anti-corruption Expertise of Legal Regulation: Public Procurement Case”, which was held on the “Public Procurement Issues” section, tell to the colleagues about the New Approach to the Anti-corruption Expertise of Legal Acts. A theoretical model has been used by the author to assess the possibility of applying of some methods for evaluating the tender participants’ bids in the conditions of weak competition.


Speakers of the sections on public-private partnerships and public procurement have been invited to take part in the international conference “GSOM Emerging Markets Conference-2015: Business and Government Perspectives” to be held at GSOM 15-17 October 2015.