The Head of the Center for PPP Studies S. Maslova took part in the Forum of North-West Big Businesses “Top 250”

On November 11, 2015 the Head of the Center for PPP Studies Svetlana Maslova took part in the Forum of North-West Big Businesses “Top 250” organized by the «Expert North-West» journal. The main aim of the project “Top-250” is to determine the biggest companies of the economy of the Northwest Federal District (NWFD) and on the basis of the results of its operation to analyze the role of big businesses in the economic development of Russia, its structure and main trends of development.


This year the main topic of the Forum was the discussion of the development strategies for the key sectors of the regional economics in the conditions of global economic integration.  The owners and top-managers of big businesses in St. Petersburg and NWFD, the representatives of legislative and executive authorities, social and business associations, banks, financial institutions and business of different economic sectors exchanged views on variants of business development – by optimistic or pessimistic scenario, and the best strategies for economic growth in the short term.


Thereby, public-private partnership as a tool for economic development was one of the topics of the Forum, particularly of the strategic Round Table “Government and Business – the Effective Partnership in the Real Sector”. S. Movchan, Vice-governor of St. Petersburg, V. Katenev, President of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, K. Polyakov, President of Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other representatives of authority discussed with leaders of the biggest companies of NWFD, included in the “Top-250”, methods to increase the efficiency of interaction between federal, regional authorities and companies, clusters.


Moreover, one of the main missions of the Forum of North-West Big Businesses “Top 250” is to facilitate to build close cooperation between Russian business and government, in order to create sustainable public-private partnerships that can withstand external challenges.


More detailed information about the Forum is available on the web-page: