Irina Anatolievna Leshcheva

Senior Lecturer, Department of Information Technologies in Management

Irina Anatolievna Leshcheva

Knowledge structuring (together with Gavrilova T.) (Undergraduate)

Information technologies in management  (Undergraduate)


Simulation modeling in logistics


  • MS Degree in Mathematics at St. Petersburg State University, 1996.


  • Project management
  • IT management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Engineering, Ontology


  • Measuring Psychological Impact on Group Ontology Design and Development: Empirical Approach // Proceedings of 4th Interna-tional Conference «Knowl-edge Engineering and the Semantic Web» (Klinov P., Mouromtsev D. (Eds)). Book series «Communications in Computer and Information Science», Vol. 394, Springer, 2013 (в соавт. с Gavrilova T., Bolotnikova E., Blagov E., Yanson A.) 
  • Collective Ontologies Design and Development // In proceedings of 2014 Eighth International Conference on Complex, Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems, Birmingham, United Kingdom, IEEE Computer Society, Conference Publishing Services, 2014 – pp.564-569 (в соавт. с Gavrilova T.A.) 
  • One approach to the classification of business knowledge diagrams: practical view // Proceedings of the 2013 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS), Krakow, Poland, 2013 – pp.1295-1301 (в соавт. с Kudryavtsev D., Gavrilova T.) 
  • Using visual conceptual models in teaching // Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Education (ICE-2012), Research and Training Institute of East Aegean, Greece, 2012.- рp. 191-197 (в соавт. с Gavrilova T.A., Bolotnikova E.S.)

Papers in Academic Journals:

  • Gavrilova, T., & Leshcheva, I. (2015). The interplay of knowledge engineering and cognitive psychology: learning ontologies creating. International Journal of Knowledge and Learning, 10(2), 182-197.
  • Gavrilova, T. A., & Leshcheva, I. A. (2015). Ontology design and individual cognitive peculiarities: A pilot study. Expert Systems with Applications, 42(8), 3883-3892.
  • Leshcheva, I., & Gavrilova, T. (2015). How the cognitive features testing can assist in evaluating of collective ontology engineering. International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking, 8(3), 275-284.
  • Gavrilova, T., Leshcheva, I., & Strakhovich, E. (2015). Gestalt principles of creating learning business ontologies for knowledge codification. Knowledge Management Research and Practice, 13(4), 418-428.
  • Gavrilova, T. A., & Leshcheva, I. A. (2016). Conceptual structures and cognitive style. PSYCHOLOGY. JOURNAL OF THE HIGHER SCHOOL OF ECONOMY, 13(1), 154-176.
  • Blagov, E. Yu., Leshcheva, I. A., & Shcherban, S. A. (2018). Ontological approach in the practice of educational activities: the formation of trajectories of individual professional development of students. OPEN EDUCATION, 22(5), 26-39.
  • Gavrilova, T.A., Kudryavtsev, D.V., Kubelsky, M.V., Begler, A.M., & Leshcheva, I.A. (2019). The method of visual collective development of an ontological graph of knowledge. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND DECISION MAKING, (1), 27-38.
  • Leshcheva, I., & Begler, A. (2020). A method of semi-automated ontology population from multiple semi-structured data sources. Journal of Information Science.


Conference proceedings:

  • Kudryavtsev, D. V., Gavrilova, T. A., Leshcheva, I. A., Begler, A. M., Kubelsky, M. V., & Tushkanova, O. N. (2018). Mind Mapping and Spreadsheets in Collaborative Design of Knowledge Graphs. В Joint Proceedings of the BIR 2018 Short Papers, Workshops and Doctoral Consortium, Stockholm, Sweden, September 24-26, 2018 (Том 2218, стр. 82-93). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings).
  • Leshcheva, I., Blagov, E., & Pleshkova, A. (2018). Towards a method of ontology population from heterogeneous sources of structured data. В IEEE 30th Jubilee Neumann Colloquium, NC 2017 (Том 2018-January, стр. 29-34). (IEEE 30th Jubilee Neumann Colloquium, NC 2017; Том 2018-January). Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
  • Leshcheva, I. A., & Leshchev, D. V. (2018). Ontology as mapping of material world. В Proceedings of IV International Scientific Conference “The Convergence of Digital and Physical Worlds: Technological, Economic and Social Challenges” (Том 44).


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Irina Anatolievna Leshcheva
Irina Anatolievna Leshcheva
Senior Lecturer, Information Technologies in Management Department
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