Andrew Ivanov took part in the Congress of ASEEES in Washington


Over the 4 days of the Congress 2016 were held 458 meetings of scientific sections, 166 round tables, 2 presidential plenary meetings and 48 meetings of groups / ASEEES committees. At the moment Congress has exceeded more than 3,000 participants. Congress' topics have included regional political, economic, cultural and other studies.


As part of the section "Public procurement in Russia: Changes and challenges" (Public Pro-curement in Russia: Changes and Challenges) Andrew Ivanov, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of GSOM PPP Center, has made a report "Russian Federation in the field of public pro-curement policy and typology of models of corrupt behavior". The report considered a link be-tween the country policy in the field of public procurement, the tools of its implementation and specific types of corrupt behavior, the occurrence of which in the aggregation with traditional forms (bureaucratic corruption, an effective corruption). The author proposed a new typology of models of corrupt behavior.


In addition, Andrew Ivanov took part in the section "Regional features of the economic and civic life in the Russian Federation" as a discussant.