All-Russia contest for the best graduate thesis: Tatiana Pustovalova was awarded a diploma for scientific management

Tatyana A. Pustovalova, Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Accounting at GSOM SPbU, was awarded a diploma for scientific management of the Graduate Thesis of GSOM SPbU student Anastasia V. Markova in the All-Russian competition for the best graduate thesis on the financial and economic in topic "Golden Reserve of Russia 2016".

Graduate thesis of Anastasia Markova was associated with the assessment and analysis of the quality of management of the largest commercial banks in Russia using a non-parametric method - Data Envelopment Analysis, the topic of the work was "Evaluation of the quality of bank management using DEA-modeling."





Anastasia Markova, first-year master student


"Participation was useful from the standpoint of assessing WRC by an objective commission at the all-Russian level. My scientific director, Tatyana A. Pustovalova, supervised all my scientific activity from the 3rd year of the Bachelor's program. Tatyana Alexandrovna not only edited the final text of the paper, but she was also an ideological inspirer from the moment she came up with the topic until the presentation was made. Any step of my graduate thesis, including participation in this contest, was passed together with the scientific supervisor. Tatiana Alexandrovna still helps me in scientific work, professional development, and our cooperation is very important for me".


We congratulate our colleagues and wish you continued success!