The tasks and challenges of digital marketing were discussed at GSOM SPbU

On Saturday, May 13, the “Digital Marketing Management” panel was held within the framework of the GSOM SPbU Master's program self-titled course.




Olga Nikitina, General Director, “Korzina na dom”, and Anna Musikhina, Digital Marketing Director, “L'Oréal Russia”, told about the tasks and features of digital marketing management practice in their companies.


Anna Musikhina spoke about the experience of implementing a strategy of digital marketing in one of the biggest companies in the world and coping the skepticism in relation to digital marketing practices:


“The most important thing for those who want to work in digital within large companies is the ability to explain complex things in simple words. To become a leader in our field is not only the possession of the deepest technical knowledge about working with social networks and analytical platforms, but also the ability to show convincingly advantages of digital technologies in solving the problems of an organization”.


Olga Nikitina, shared the story of the creation of “Korzina na dom” company and spoke about her experience working with GSOM SPbU students in the framework of digital marketing projects. The “Korzina na dom” is a project of GSOM SPbU alumni and an example of creation a successful online business and a well-known brand without having the professional education in digital marketing, but based on “trial and error” and intensive self-education. The unique new GSOM SPbU course "Digital Marketing Management" was created in response to current market inquiries and allows students to develop the competencies required by modern market.


“There is no longer any difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing, one is simply impossible without the other”, - noted Daniil V. Muravskii, GSOM SPbU professor.


The course "Digital Marketing Management" is held in the second semester of the first year of the Management Master's program and taught by Anna Musikhina, Digital Marketing Director of “L'Oréal Russia”, and Daniil Muravskii, GSOM SPbU professor.