Marketing that plays games: GSOM SPbU professor took part at the leading practical marketing conference




October 18-20 in Moscow XXI Business Forum “TOP Marketing. New marketing skills in the Digital era” was held, organized jointly with the British Royal Institute of Marketing (CIM). Practitioners came to the meeting place of leading marketers of the country to talk about the challenges and opportunities of modern marketing technologies. As an expert at the session "Gaming as an effective tool for increasing loyalty and sales" Daniil Muravskiy, GSOM SPbU professor was invited.



Professor presented report "Marketing, which plays games. Games in which marketing plays", that was devoted to the analysis of the game mechanics using by business leaders, and devoted to marketing mechanics to the album "In the Sun" of the music band Auktyon promotion, that was made by the Great Advertising Agency.



Ekaterina Startseva, Marketing Director of the agency, graduate of GSOM SPbU 2011 in an interview for the "GSOM Talks" project spoke about the album "In the Sun" and about her feelings after receiving the Bronze Cannes Lion this year.