Business coach Julia Tertyshnaya conducted a practical seminar on spiral dynamics for graduates and students of MBA programs

On December 2, 2017, GSOM SPbU hosted the final lecture of 2017 in the framework of a special project for graduates and students of MBA programs. The lecture was organized in collaboration with the Institute of Coaching. GSOM SPbU alumni and students of Executive MBA programs studied the principles of spiral dynamics and their use in a personal and organizational context. 



  "Territory of growth" is a project organized by GSOM Family team for graduates and students of MBA programs, which is aimed at developing personal qualities and professional competencies of managers. 
A practical seminar on spiral dynamics was conducted by Julia Tertyshnaya, business coach and partner of the Coaching Institute. Julia is a certified consultant on integral spiral dynamics and she was trained by Don Beck (one of the world's experts on global systemic changes in various business sectors and world communities).  

This model is a practical tool for developing personal skills, building effective organizations, long-term planning in the conditions of chaos and gaining new inspirational meanings and ideas.


At the seminar the students studied the basic theoretical principles of spiral dynamics.

The meetings within the "Territory of growth" project will continue in February 2018.