The XXII Peter Drucker Award Ceremony took place in “Mikhailovskaya Dacha”

On May 19th The XXII Peter Drucker Award Ceremony was held in GSOM SPbU campus “Mikhailovskaya Dacha”. The main theme of the evening was space where every star represents the achievements of GSOM SPbU Family.


The Award is named after Peter Drucker (1909-2005), who was one of the most important researchers in the field of management in the twentieth century. The first ceremony was held in 1995, it was organized by the students of SPbU Department of Management.


The rules of the Award are similar to Oscar. There are several categories. The nominees in each category are chosen among students and teachers. Then students vote and the winners are announced during the ceremony. The winner in each category gets bronze statue — the symbol of the modern business person. In 2002, Peter Drucker supported the Award in the personal letter to the Head of the Faculty of Management Valeriy S. Katkalo, and then presented several of his books to the School library.


This year marks 25th anniversary of GSOM SPbU and The XXII Peter Drucker Award Ceremony is especially important. Space theme was chosen to show the stars that GSOM has lit during those years. Students took guests to the space journey so they can see the achievements of the School representatives.



There were eight nominations for students, five for professors and two for graduates.  


Here are the winners in student’s nominations:

  • First year discovery — Anastasia Sviryukova
  • Master of Sport — Elena Antonova
  • True Expert, Bachelor — Peter Trofimov
  • True Expert, Master's Degree — Ekaterina Mitskevich
  • Man of Art — Maria Khodaeva
  • The Hand of Help — Kirill Bereozkin
  • Ambitious and Dangerous, Bachelor — Irina Kabanova
  • Ambitious and Dangerous, Master's Degree — Nikita Elizarov 


The winners in professor’s nominations:

  • Demanding and Fair — Evgeny V. Gilenko
  • Charismatic Inspirer — Yuri E. Blagov
  • Academic Mentor — Anastasia A. Petrova-Savchenko
  • The professional — Andrey E. Ivanov
  • Linguist — Olga N. Rogoza


Winners in graduate’s nominations:

  • Anti-corporate Star — Evgenia Sopochkina
  • Career take off —  Vadim Shcherbak






В «Михайловской даче» вручили премии имени Питера Дракера