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17 Sep 2018

CEMS Block Seminar was held at GSOM SPbU

From September 2nd to 7th at Graduate School of Management St. Petersburg University (GSOM SPbU) CEMS Block Seminar was organized. The main subjects of the seminar were Strategic management of Digital Business in the age of Internet of Things, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence in context of Industry 4.0 and emerging economies. 



How to start а new digital business or transform existing one into digital? What are the necessary components required to support the capabilities of digital business? How to organize and manage digital transformation? With these questions CEMS students started the academic year at GSOM SPbU.

Head of GSOM SPbU Konstantin V. Krotov, L'Oréal Luxe Digital & eCommerce Manager Mikhail Krasheninnikov and Ingria Business Incubator Director Polina Lukyanova were invited to talk about digital transformation. To see how digital companies operate in Russia students visited MegaFon and Yandex offices.

 Under the guidance of GSOM SPbU senior lecturer Maxim Y. Arzumanyan, Associate Professor Sergei A. Yablonsky and Principal in Financial Institutions, Digital Practice Area at The Boston Consulting Group Boris Goutkin, students worked on following group projects:

  1. Optimizing property registration using the blockchain technology
  2. Reducing health care spending using Internet of Things
  3. Transformation of the Sberbank customer service using the artificial intelligence technology
  4. Increasing the effectiveness of car usage through the car sharing model
  5. Automation of graduate recruiting through screening social networks
  6. Optimization of professional and HSE education, repairs and maintenance efficiency by AR/VR technologies


On the fifth day of the seminar students presented their projects in front of Maxim Y. Arzumanyan, Sergei A. Yablonsky, Boris Goutkin and Polina Lukyanova.

During CEMS Block Seminar, a cultural program was also organized. Students had a tour and a quest around St. Petersburg and a boat trip along the rivers and canals.

CEMS is a global alliance of academic and corporate institutions dedicated to educating future generations of international business leaders. CEMS Block Seminar is a compulsory event that takes place in all CEMS schools. The seminar usually lasts a week and is organized at the beginning of the school year.



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