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25 Nov 2019

The second module of the educational program within the <5G_Dream_Lab> has been launched

On November 9, the second module of the educational program within the <5G_Dream_Lab> was launched. Of the 412 participants in the online module, 60 participants were selected. They will continue education in two directions: "Integrator" and "Developer". Ksenia Golovacheva, Assistant Professor, GSOM SPbU Marketing Department, will supervise the work of the "Integrator" track. Pavel Votchitsov, Huawei product specialist, and in the past at Yandex, Sun Microsystems, Yota, will supervise "Developer" track. Valeria Merzlyakova, head of new research and technology at MegaAcademy MegaFon, will coordinate the laboratory’s educational program.

Among participants there are managers, programmers, economists and students and graduates of different directions and at different ages. During the training program, laboratory participants will explore the possibilities of using 5G technology to create new products. The program will result in innovative product ideas that will be in demand on the market.

“I was attracted by new opportunities for development and growth of <5G_Dream_Lab>. Also 5G is the foundation of digitalization, and the digital economy is the area of ​​my scientific interests. I would like to create a working project and work with the digital economy in the future”, said Gleb Piven, GSOM SPbU postgraduate student.

Rostislav Speransky, Head of the Laboratory, noticed that the main value of the laboratory is the association of specialists of various specialties in a common team work. — "We believe that an interdisciplinary approach will benefit both students and project organizers. I am sincerely pleased to be able to work in our team, to be part of this unique educational experiment, together with 60 talented people who came here to learn new things and create completely new products”.

Since November 9, the coworking laboratory on the Mikhailovskaya Dacha campus has been open to all qualified participants.



Стартовал второй модуль образовательной программы лаборатории <5G_Dream_Lab> МегаФона и ВШМ СПбГУ