10 Dec 2019

The course “Doing Business in Russia” was launched on the Coursera platform

On December 9, 2019, the Doing Business in Russia course was launched on the Coursera platform. The course is free of charge. It was created with the support of St. Petersburg University grant, is suitable for a foreign audience that does not have experience of interaction in the Russian business environment.

In the process of training, students will study the features of the Russian economy in the context of the development of international economic relations. They will assess the role of Russia in the global economy and the trends in economic cooperation between Russia and its main partner countries. They will also gain knowledge about the Russian business culture, the features of creating and promoting a business in the Russian market.


Faculty of the Department of World Economy and the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg University prepared the course. Olga Makarova, Senior Lecturer, Department of Strategic and International Management, together with the team of the Faculty of Economics, participated in the development of the course and prepared several case studies about companies in Russia for the course topics.


The course is held in English and consists of six topics presented in the form of video lectures.