01 Feb 2019

Associate Professor Svetlana Maslova took part in the Annual Meeting of the Russian Association of International Law

On January 28-30, 62nd Annual Meeting of the Russian Association of International Law was held at Lomonosov Moscow State University. The main topic was: “International law and state security”. Leading experts in international law from Russia and foreign countries attended the meeting.


Associate Professor at the Department of Public Administration Svetlana V. Maslova made a presentation on the topic “The international legal basis of public-private partnership: ways and forms of creation and application”. This report reflected the results of research in public-private partnership (PPP) area, including the genesis of PPP concepts from state and business interaction forms aimed at national economic and infrastructure development to Sustainable Development Goals and the benefit of people. The results included a review of international and national PPP practices, the level of compliance with international PPP standards and national PPP legislation, prerequisites, obstacles and prospects for creating international contractual basics of public-private partnership.

During the Annual Meeting, a series of round tables were held on issues of the development of international public and international private law, including issues of the state’s economic security, international justice and contribution to international security.

Russian Association of International Law unites specialists interested in the problems of modern international law. The organization actively cooperates with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other state and public organizations. The Association main objectives are: to promote the unification of the scientific and intellectual potential of science and practice, the exchange of experience for the purposes of progressive development and an effective application of international public and private law.