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24 Apr 2019

Ph.D. student Louisa Selivanovskikh presented her doctoral thesis research

On April 18, Ph.D. student Louisa Selivanovskikh has presented the results of her doctoral thesis research on the topic: “Influence of talent management practices on a firm’s absorptive capacity in the context of emerging markets”.



“Most scholars agree that absorptive capacity capabilities provide firms with the strategic flexibility to adapt within different contexts by enhancing their receptivity to evaluating valuable external knowledge and further effectively utilizing such knowledge to gain short-term gains. As talented employees are the ones who possess valuable knowledge and skills, as well as the ability to continuously enhance their knowledge for the creation and implementation of innovative ideas and products, absorptive capacity should be investigated through the lens of talent management,” the study says.

Therefore, Louisa Selivanovskikh research aims to identify the interrelationships between talent attraction, development and retention practices, absorptive capacity and performance of Brazilian, Russian and Chinese companies. The research was conducted by Doctor of Science (Economics), Associate Professor, Marina O. Latukha, Candidate of science (Economics), Anna S. Veselova became a discussant and Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor Galina V. Shirokova moderated the discussion.

Louisa Selivanovskikh is a doctoral student of the Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management Department. In her research she focuses on the investigation of the interrelationships between context-specific talent management practices, absorptive capacity and firm performance. In 2018 received the TIM 2018 Best Reviewers Award of Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Division of the Academy of Management. Moreover Louisa has also published a number of co-authored articles in academic journals, such as the Journal of East-West Business and Russian Management Journal. She is the main author of five chapters published in the Palgrave Macmillan book “Global Organizations: Cross-Countries Perspective”.


Аспирант Луиза Селивановских представила своё диссертационное исследование