19 Apr 2019

Severstal & GSOM SPbU Bootcamp took place at “Mikhailovskaya dacha” campus

On April 18-19 Severstal & GSOM SPbU Bootcamp was organized. Students, staff, alumni and Sevestal employees worked in teams solving business problems and taking part in design thinking workshops. At the end of the second day eight teams presented the results and jury that was formed by Severstal representatives choose the best solutions. The winners got a fast track for Severstal leadership program and certificates for mentor meetings with company executives.

 Severstal & GSOM SPbU Bootcamp participant


All participants were divided into eight teams and there were four business problems to solve: creation and launch of the YouTube channel, development of the internal marketplace, introduction of the gamification and creation of the consulting platform. There were two teams to work on each problem and GSOM SPbU and Severstal representatives were supervising the process.


“Severstal employees helped us a lot. I have never had so many insights. We discussed some things together. In fact they were not waiting for us to invent something but tried to suggest things based on our ideas. And sometimes they stepped aside to not disturb us with their established beliefs”, told bootcamp participant and GSOM SPbU student Marina Tretyakova.


Marina was in the team “Fresh view” and worked on the project about Severstal consulting platform. Participants were asked to introduce the concept of Severstal Сonsulting, as well as to explain who will be potential customers and consultants of the platform and how to promote and monetize it.


“When a customer comes to you, he listens to you, you listen to him, you exchange views, opinions on the problem, and you start to feel your value and involvement in the process, which, of course, is very important for a student. Not every job can even give you that”, explained Marina.


Severstal Сonsulting project by “Fresh view” team was chosen as the best one and Marina Tretyakova became the only one student who was rewarded with both fast track and mentor meeting certificates.


“Bootcamp is an example of a completely new product that our School created for Severstal. We have developed a methodology, and our teachers have been trained. We aimed at making a product that would solve educational and consulting tasks and which can be sized to other companies”, commented GSOM SPbU Head of School Konstantin V. Krotov.


Severstal & GSOM SPbU Bootcamp is an example of a new interaction format with School strategic partner that was created in the framework of recently launched transformation of educational process. In total 31 people from GSOM SPbU took part in the bootcamp. Among them there were 5 graduates, 3 of them are now working in Severstal.