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08 Apr 2019

Presentation of the doctoral thesis by Dmitri Sokolov

On April 5, 2019 Dmitri Sokolov (GSOM SPbU 3rd year doctoral student) has presented the results of the research within the framework of his doctoral thesis on the topic: “Human resource management systems in knowledge-intensive firms”.  


Human resource management (HRM) represents a key managerial function and one of the most important directions for intra-organizational investments. Strategic HRM research has developed a consensus that the focus should be on HRM systems rather than individual HRM practices. The concept of HRM systems allowed scholars to investigate various performance-effects of organizational HRM efforts. However, current strategic HRM literature still struggles to build robust conclusions on how HRM systems really work.

Most importantly, there is relatively little known about the mechanisms that link HRM systems and various organization-level outcomes, especially in the context of knowledge-intensive industries, where HRM plays a strategic role in orchestrating knowledge resources.

In the main empirical research we analyzed survey data on 217 knowledge-intensive firms operating in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The findings shed light on the characteristics of HRM systems and their relationship with intellectual capital in knowledge-intensive firms.

During the seminar, a lively discussion was held on the topic of the research with the participation of GSOM SPbU doctoral students and faculty.

Moderator of the seminar: doctor of science (economics), professor Galina V. Shirokova.

Scientific advisor: doctor of science (psychology), professor Elena K. Zavyalova.



About the author:

Dmitri Sokolov investigates the problems of the transformations in HRM and a contemporary workplace.

In the thesis, he focuses on the performance of HRM as a vertically (fit with business strategy) and horizontally (internally consistent) aligned system.

Dmitri worked as the analyst of HRM department of large educational organization. He participated in a number of consulting and analytical projects in the field of HRM.

Research interests: strategic HRM, “new” HRM practices, HR-analytics, knowledge management, knowledge-intensive firms, intellectual capital.

Key publication on the topic of thesis:

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