15 Jul 2019

The textbook of Tatiana Gavrilova and Vladimir Khoroshevskiy became the most cited at SPbU

The textbook Knowledge Base of Intelligent Systems, authored by Tatyana Gavrilova, Head of the Department of Information Technology in Management at GSOM SPbU and Vladimir Khoroshevskiy, Doctor of Technical Sciences, became the most cited scientific publication at SPbU.


According to the scientific electronic library eLibrary.ru, a textbook on the design and programming of artificial intelligence systems (AI) has been cited 1,891 times. This book is intended for students studying artificial intelligence, developers of intelligent systems and all those interested in engineering knowledge.


The textbook Knowledge Base of Intelligent Systems was published in 2000. It examines the brief history of artificial intelligence, the classification of knowledge-based systems, the strategies for gaining knowledge, practical methods for extracting knowledge, the visual design of knowledge bases, programming languages ​​for AI, the HTML language and other topics.


 “The unusual nature of this textbook is related to the emphasized interdisciplinarity of the chosen approach, the rejection of the “clan nature” of individual scientific schools and directions. This textbook can be read by engineers and mathematicians, economists and biologists, programmers and physicians. It practically does not require additional training in this area and is designed for a wide range of readers interested in developing knowledge-based intelligent systems”, the introduction says.


In addition, the authors note the practical orientation of the book: "Having mastered the material, a student or other interested reader will be able to independently begin to develop an intelligent system in the role of a knowledge engineer''.