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07 Apr 2020

GSOM in the new issue of the Expert North-West magazine

Tatyana A. Gavrilova, professor and Head of the Department of Information Technology in Management, Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University (GSOM), gave a comment to the first electronic issue of Expert North-West magazine.

The comment was included in the material of the expert of the magazine Alena Zhuravleva “Digital Future: Fire, Water and COVID-19”, in which she analyzes the transition to the digital environment of non-digital industries under quarantine. Tatyana A. Gavrilova comments on the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in the business processes of companies.

“The successes of AI are modest enough, but they are applicable for solving local problems of the company in those areas where there are often repeated actions that can be entrusted to a simple robot or chat bot. (...) The problem of understanding natural language in general is quite far from being resolved, but many systems today cope with a limited set of words of so-called business prose,” Tatyana A. Gavrilova noted.