13 Apr 2020

GSOM professor has co-authored an online course for the Coursera platform

Sergey I. Kiryukov, Associate Professor of GSOM Marketing Department co-authored the course Art of Sales on the Coursera platform.

The online course will help students to get high-quality entrepreneurial competencies in the digital economy in the field of sales. Knowledge will help both in opening a successful business, regardless of the field of activity, and in improving business processes, the quality of managerial and leadership characteristics in existing projects.

As part of the course, Sergey  Kiryukov explained two topics: “Management of marketing channels” and “Development of marketing channels”. The expert spoke about the relationship between the concepts of “sales” and “marketing channels”, the origins of the emergence of marketing channels and their role in the sales process.

Students will learn how to manage sales and distribution in modern economic, social and legal conditions, comprehensively evaluate and increase the effectiveness of sales. They will also gain knowledge in the field of theoretical and practical foundations of customer-oriented management, get acquainted with modern methods and technologies of sales and distribution management.