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26 May 2020

The program “Design Your Life” for junior Bachelor students has completed at GSOM SPbU

On March 20, 2020, the final lesson of the “Design Your Life” program was held at GSOM SPbU, organized by the Coaching Center for students of the first and second year Bachelor programs. At the heart of the program is an approach developed at Stanford University to design life and career, based on design thought methods.


This approach helps to solve problems associated with the development of life and career strategies, to achieve large and not clearly understandable goals at the initial stage, because it allows people to start acting and building their development from the point at which the person happens to be at the moment.


The course consisted of 16 hours of group and individual work, where students, through joint inspiration and creativity, each were able to get closer to creating an individual product – their desired future. The students completed their homework, explored the design thinking approach while using the example of constructing their own lives, and then each answered their own question: what is work and life in general for them. And, based on their core values, they experimented with possible life scenarios. This helped students to look at their lives differently and realize that life is a process where everyone can be the creator of their own unique product.  


The moderators of the course were Andrey L. Zamulin, Associate Professor, Department of Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management, candidate of psychological sciences, certified coach, and Maria V. Dorokhina, Director of the GSOM Coaching Center, candidate of sociology, coach consultant. Some students of the Master programs and GSOM alumni also took part in the course. 



Anastasia Saraeva, 1st year Bachelor program student

The design thinking approach interested me while taking the course of the same name at GSOM. I really liked the creative approach to creating a product that is created for a real client and serves a specific purpose. Thus, I began to realize that if all the products in the world were created according to design thinking, and first of all, based on the wishes of the client, there would be no unnecessary products in the world. But also that this approach can specifically be applied to your own life! Who, if not we are the main customers in this life of ours. The course made me look at my life as its creator. I realized that in general I can create any life for myself, that there are no right and wrong ways.  


Once again I became convinced of how important self-reflection and the ability to listen to my desires, the ability to see my values, and not as something external, social, or imposed. Again, when I began to understand my root values more, to repeat them to myself again and again (and I definitely did need to repeat them), it became easier to relate to a lot of things in my life. After all, we always compare ourselves with others, someone has a cool job, a hobby, and immediately you start to think: “but what if I have done something wrong, …what if I miss something”? But now I ask if it is really what I want and if it is what I want, then what exactly. And it's like a refreshing shower that returns me to real life. Many thanks to the Coaching Center for this opportunity.


Denis Mochalin, 2nd year Bachelor program student

Thanks to the program, I managed not only to understand, but also to see that the number of options for achieving my goal is unlimited. In general, I now realized that even before going through the program at the Coaching Center, I had in mind the following thought: “You never know where the road will take you, but it’s for the best, otherwise it would be boring to live.” However, as I understood now, in practice I could not realize this idea. Therefore, perhaps my main achievement in these 4 classes is that I managed to make my everyday life a little more conscious, and my thinking more flexible: not only in relation to my own life, but also in general.


I note that the tools that we studied on the program can and should be used in management: I will definitely introduce some of the methods we have learned into the work of my next group project.