15 Jul 2020

GSOM Doctoral student studied how company management can help employees with children work more efficiently

Alexandra K. Bordunos, a third-year Doctoral student at the Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg State University (GSOM SPbU), has published research on how effective strategies for supporting employees with children and building relationships in the company team can affect their career development after parental leave. Her research supervisor was Sofia Kosheleva, Professor of the Department of Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management. 


The study showed that there are often prejudices in Russian companies against employees taking parental leave. These biases negatively affect the performance of affected employees. At the same time, company management could correct the prevailing prejudices and help employees quickly adapt to their new role. In addition, the author of the study notes that the positive aspects of family life can have a positive effect on the employee's work: by enriching it with new skills, knowledge, useful contacts, and improve reputation in the eyes of partners and clients. Furthermore, the increase in the cost of caring for new family members increases the employee's personal interest in the results of their work. 


The development of an employee's career after parental leave and the benefits it can bring to the company largely depend on the employer. So, depending on the type of company, management can support the desire of young parents to return early from parental leave, help them to adapt faster in the team, without focusing on the reason for absence from the workplace, or create conditions to help the employee to restore their own balance of roles. For example, by helping them learn stress management skills, support the employee in finding support from like-minded people, and in building rewarding business relationships. The research materials were published in an analytical article in Forbes


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