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24 Jul 2020

GSOM SPBU has launched a competency development program for employees of HR Departments of Gazprom Neft

The Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University (GSOM SPbU) and Gazprom Neft have launched the HR Academy professional education program for HR specialists, the first stages of which take place online. Educational modules for the project were prepared jointly with the Gazprom Neft Corporate University and the CBSD training company, taking into account international standards of SHRM, WorldatWork and ATD.


In the context of global changes in the field of personnel management and development, the role of HR specialists is also being transformed, which have a significant impact on the work of teams. The main goals of the HR Academy program are to update the managerial knowledge of HR managers, increase the importance of HR business partners as integrators of the company's business goals into HR tasks, and bring the competencies of employees to a single professional standard.


In accordance with the objectives, the program is divided into four modules: HR professional, HR as a strategic partner for business, HR as a vehicle for transformation and HR of the future, which are aimed at improving the skills of employees from hard skills to transforming HR goals and objectives in accordance with the business strategy. Students will analyze the relevance of HR competencies in times of crisis and uncertainty, the importance of transformational processes in terms of human resources, change and project management, management of flexible and remote teams.


“The key principle of the program is modularity. The modules are structured around typical roles played by HR leaders. The content of the modules can be adjusted during the implementation of the program in the context of a changing external and internal situation. Students of the program will be able to acquire new functional competencies, transform the goals and strategies of HR functions in order to effectively implement business tasks in the face of changing business environment and technologies,” said Dmitry Kucherov, Associate Professor of the Department of Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management of GSOM SPbU.


The program will last until February 2021 and will end with the defense of graduation projects with the presentation of diplomas on professional retraining of GSOM. Based on the results of the assessment of the passage of the program and taking into account the recommendations of leaders and professors, students will also be able to pass SHRM certification. Successful implementation of the HR Academy program will make it possible to scale the program for the external market.


“HR Academy is a large-scale program for the development of the company's HR function. It aims to develop HR competencies in line with business needs and professional standards. Under the new operating conditions, the role of the HR service is increasing significantly, which underlines the relevance of the program and the timeliness of its launch, ” said Ilya Dementyev, Rector of the Gazprom Neft Corporate University.



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SHRM certification is an international HR certification offered by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), one of the largest HR organizations and industry leader in HR professional development. SHRM certifications certify that the holder possesses the professional knowledge and behavioral competencies necessary for effective work execution and for the success of HR in the global business community.