Industry Conference “PPP in the Transport Sector: Ensuring Road Safety” was held as part of the “Transport Week – 2014”

Laboratory “Center for PPP Studies” GSOM SPbU was one of co-organizers of the event


Industry Conference “PPP in the Transport Sector: Ensuring Road Safety” was held as part of the “Transport Week – 2014” on December, 4 in Moscow. It was organized jointly by the Center for PPP Studies (Graduate School of Management SPbU) and the Research Institute of the Motor Transport (NIIAT). Representatives of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Federal Road Agency, State Company “Avtodor”, federal and regional executive authorities, large financial, construction and consulting companies as well as international experts in the field of PPP and representatives of the academic community took part in the conference.


In the welcome address, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Nikolay A. Asaul pointed out that the objective of road safety can be attained more efficiently in cooperation between the government and private sector, and particularly, using the mechanism of public-private partnership. PPP in the transport sector, based on the pooling of resources and risk sharing, can be an example of mutually beneficial interaction between public and private partners. In his introductory speech, CEO of the Research Institute of the Motor Transport Terenty Meshcheryakov proposed to develop a new methodology for assessing and calculating the standards of socio-economic damage caused by road accidents, created on the basis of the dynamic model.


Head of the Center for PPP Studies GSOM SPbU Svetlana V. Maslova and Acting Chief Researcher of the Center Andrew E. Ivanov highlighted the role and importance of research in the field of road safety based on the mechanism of public-private partnership. The major conclusion of their presentation was the idea that the government should introduce not only negative but also positive incentives for the private partner in PPP contracts in order to improve road safety.


Head of Infrastructure Capital & Project Finance at VTB Capital Oleg V. Pankratov identified key advantages of implementing infrastructural projects using the mechanism of PPP. Advisor to the UNECE Transport Division Konstantin G. Glukhenkiy presented an overview of UNECE activities in the field of international road safety regulations. International expert Eric Cornuaille (HeyCo Consulting, 4icom) focused on the opportunities of public-private partnership to promote road safety and gave examples of several successful international PPP projects.


Deputy Chairman of the Board on Legal Questions of State Company “Avtodor” Konstantin I. Popov described key steps in the process of PPP projects implementation, aimed at the improvement of road safety. In addition, he pointed to the difficulties that may arise from the implementation of positive incentives in PPP contracts. In turn, Head of Legal and P3 Department of the Federal Road Agency Elena N. Semenova characterized the development of modern intellectual transport systems in PPP projects, capable of ensuring road safety.


The implementation of the regional concession agreement for the construction and operation of the complex road safety system became the main topic of the presentation of Vladimir V. Guyda, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Ryazan region. CEO of “Northern Capital Highway” Alexey N. Bnatov presented the implementation and operation of the PPP Project “Western High-Speed Diameter” in St. Petersburg as well as engineering, construction and maintenance technologies used in this project. Legal issues of PPP projects in the transport sector were discussed by the partner of CLS Pavel V. Karpunin.


The discussion on the role of public-private partnership in road safety improvement and on the perspectives of new PPP projects implementation in the Russian Federation concluded the conference. The Center for PPP Studies GSOM SPbU also presented its newly established educational programs, including professional training program “Development and Implementation of PPP in Transportation”, aimed at leaders of federal and regional executive authorities as well as leaders of transport organizations.


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