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  • Who is the Doctoral program for?
The Doctoral program is suitable for those willing to pursue careers in academia, business education, research, consultancy and related fields.
  • How will I benefit from the GSOM SPbSU Doctoral program?

See Why to choose the GSOM Doctoral program?


  • What is the GSOM SPbSU Doctoral program about?

Research is the keystone of top business schools. Our dynamic, well-resourced Doctoral program gives you the benefit of a structured program and the opportunity to work with leading international scholars.

  • Is there an age limit to join the Doctoral program?

There is no age limit to join the program but during the selection the age of the candidate helps to determine the future employability of the Doctoral student.

  • Should I have management and strategy educational background only to apply?

The program is open to any graduate with management and  economics background, and also, for instance, with mathematics and physics, sociology, political science etc.

  • May students keep a professional activity whilst following the Doctoral program?
No. The Doctoral students are expected to devote all of their time and energy to the completion of their research project. This explains the various financial aids put together to help the GSOM SPbSU Doctoral students (Funding and support).
  • Are there fees for the Doctoral program?

As long as you complete each year, no fees are payable. If you fail one year, there is a nominal continuation fee and you are not eligible to GSOM SPbSU stipend or scholarship any longer. At present, all three years of studies are free of charge as the education is funded by the Russian Federal budget.

  • What are the employment opportunities?

The GSOM SPbSU Doctoral degree opens doors in business and engineering schools, universities, consulting groups and institutions in Russia and abroad. GSOM SPbSU has Alumni Association and Career Center that are unique in Russia.

  • How long is the Doctoral program?

The GSOM Doctoral program is a 3-year program, the first two years being dedicated mainly to courses, the last year - to research and thesis.

  • Can I apply even though I do not speak Russian?

You can apply if you do not speak Russian. The Doctoral program is taught mainly in English: main courses are in English as well as all teaching materials; the different research papers have to be written in English. Seminars and workshops are held in English.

  • What is the deadline for the application for the GSOM SPbSU Doctoral program?
In 2015 the application files have to be sent to the Doctoral program office by 17th of July.
  • How do I apply?
Please find all the information here.  All the original documents should be  brought to the Doctoral program office till the 31st of August. 
  • If I have a working experience, can I ask my superior to write a recommendation letter for me?

In most cases, the letters of recommendation are coming from faculty, scholars or advisors who can assess your academic background and your ability to carry out research as well as teaching. Optional non-academic recommendations may also be submitted.

  • I am not sure about the field to apply for. May I apply for two fields?

If the Doctoral program brochure does not enable you to choose your field of interest, we would advise you to speak to some of GSOM SPbSU professors. Nevertheless, the answer is: yes, you can apply for two fields. The Admissions Committee will review your file in both fields. Decision about the field of research and dissertation topics is made in the mid-1st year.
  • Could you tell me all about the scholarships GSOM SPbSU offers for the Doctoral studies?

GSOM SPbSU provides the Doctoral students with a scholarship adjusted to the cost of living for the whole period of education. Please find the detailed information at Funding and support.

  • When does the academic year start?

The academic year starts in September.