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Applicants shall be selected on competitive basis.



For your application to be considered complete and able to be reviewed for admission, you must meet the following requirements:

  • University degree;
  • Work experience in managerial positions - at least 7 years, including at least 3 years in positions related to the highest level of management (head or deputy head of the company, head of the department);
  • High leadership potential;
  • High level of motivation;
  • Capability of teamwork.


Selection criteria

Students shall be selected on competitive basis after they present their essays and take an interview. The following selection criteria shall be applied:
  • Applicants should be highly motivated;
  • Applicants should demonstrate significant professional achievements;
  • Applicants should demonstrate capability of teamwork;
  • Applicants should have education and background sufficient to keep up with the study plan.


Admission Procedure

  1. Required documents
    • Formal application in the name of the SPbSU Rector (Word, 34 Kb);
    • Diploma of higher education (the original diploma or a copy authorized by the notary);
    • A copy of the work book authorized by the employer;
    • 2 recent photos (3x4 cm);
    • An official letter from the applicant’s employer which confirms his/her availability for classes;
    • A letter of commitment (if tuition paid by the employer);
    • A copy of the marriage certificate (if applicant changed his/her last name)
  2. Essay
    The essay shall be used to choose among the applicants. Each applicant shall present a written essay in which he/she should clearly describe the reasons why he/she needs to obtain the EMBA degree from the SPbSU School of Management. The standard topic of the essay is “Current Objectives of my Organization.”
  3. The interview with the applicant
    The application officer shall set and confirm the date and time of the English test and the date and time of the interview with the applicant. Results of the English test do not affect the application process. These results will be used to decide on the number of classroom hours of English required for each applicant.
    An application can be turned down if the applicant fails to meet the requirements. The applicant shall be informed of the result of the interview within 10 days. The results of all tests and interviews shall be disclosed to the applicant only. Applicants’ private information shall not be disclosed to any third party or included in any external database.
A contract shall be concluded with the selected applicants.