• Executive MBA
  • MBA-Challenges in Digital World program
  • Double Degree Executive МВА GSOM & AlmaU
      Executive MBA    
      Duration 2 years    
      Contract places 100    
      Cost for Russian and foreign citizens 1,9 mln ₽/year    
      Language of instruction Russian    


      Requirements for candidates  
      Education level Higher  
      Work experience in management positions at least 7 years*

    * including at least 3 years in positions related to the highest level of management (head or deputy head of the company, head of direction)

      Additionally High leadership potential, a high degree of personal motivation for learning, readiness and ability to work in a team  



Admission Procedure


Tatiana V. Dmitrina
Tatiana V. Dmitrina
Deputy Director, MBA and Executive Education Programmes
Elena N. Skalon
Elena N. Skalon
Deputy Director (Study Affairs)

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