Sergey Alexandrovich Starov

Professor, Marketing Department

Sergey Alexandrovich Starov

Marketing (BA)

Brand Management (BA)

Brand Management (ЕМВА)


  • Doctor of Science in Economics
  • Candidate of Science in Economics (First Doctoral Degree), Moscow State University, 1987.
  • Specialist Degree in Political Economy, Department of Economics, St. Petersburg State University, 1981.
  • The Duke Program for Manager Development (Executive Program), Duke University Fuqua School of Business, 1994.


  • Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Sales Promotion


Books, Monographs and Textbooks

  • Brand Management. St. Petersburg: GSOM Publishing House, 2009
  • Starov S.A. Private label management of retail chains: monography. ─ SPb.: The Publishing House of Graduate School of Management, 2013.
  • Starov S. A., Alkanova O. N., Molchanov N. N. Brands, Trademarks and Commercial Symbols as Objects of Company Management  // Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series 2, 2012.
  • Starov S. A., Gabisov A. A., Shostka A. D., Cherenkov V. I. Formation of Balanced Private Label Portfolio for Lenta Retail Chain. // Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series 1, 2012


Papers in Academic Journals

  • Starov, S. A., Cherenkov, V. I., Gladkikh, I. V., & Kiryukov, S. I. (2020). Own trade mark as a brand. MARKETING AND MARKETING RESEARCH, (2), 104-118.
  • Starov, S. A., Gladkikh, I. V., & Muravsky, D. V. (2019). Research of brand associations for building strategic brand maps. MARKETING AND MARKETING RESEARCH, (2 (136)), 116-130.
  • Gladkikh, I. V., Zamulin, A. L., & Starov, S. A. (2018). Attitudes of modern students toward traditional case studies: exploratory research (Saint Petersburg State University, Graduate School of Management). The International Journal of Case Method Research & Application, XXX (4), 228-239.
  • Starov, S. A., & Gladkikh, I. V. (2018). Historical heritage as an element of the company's brand identity. BRAND MANAGEMENT, (4 (99)), 254-268.
  • Starov, S. A., Cherenkov, V. I., & Kiryukov, S. I. (2018). Trademark license agreement as a branding tool. BRAND MANAGEMENT, (1), 60-78.
  • Starov, S. A., Cherenkov, V. I., & Gladkikh, I. V. (2018). Rebranding: concept, forms, implementation algorithm. BRAND MANAGEMENT, (2), 82-97.
  • Gladkikh, I. V., & Starov, S. A. (2017). Brand price positioning: aspects of the analysis. BRAND MANAGEMENT, (3), 178-190.
  • Zamulin, A. L., Kucherov, D. G., & Starov, S. A. (2015). Employer's brand as a tool for attracting young professionals to the IT sector. MANAGEMENT TODAY, (4), 248-258.
  • Zagorskiy, A. L., Starov, S. A., & Gladkikh, I. V. (2014). Formation of costs for branding of own brands of retail chains. VESTNIK OF ST. PETERSBURG UNIVERSITY. MANAGEMENT, (2), 3-34.
  • Brand Efficiency Valuation in the Modern Marketing Theory // Brand Management. 2010. № 4 (53), 5 (54). P. 216–222; 270–288 (with O. Alkanova).
  • Methodology of Brand Efficiency Valuation // Vestnik SpbGU. Management series, 8. 2009. Vol. 4. P. 130–153 (with O. Alkanova).
  • Brand Positioning as the Key Branding Effort // Brand Management. 2009. № 4 (47). P. 198–211.
  • Verbal Identifiers as the Visual Elements of Brand// Vestnik SpbGU. Management series, 8. 2008. Vol. 4. P. 150–171.
  • Brand: Essence, Functions, Evolution // Vestnik SpbGU. Management series, 8. 2008. Vol. 2. P. 3–39.
  • Brand Loyalty: Classification, Evaluation Methods and Attachment Programs. Vestnik SpbGU. Management series, 8. 2007. – Vol. 2. P. 112–133.
  • Creation and Development of Private Labels for Food Retailers of Modern Russia // Vestnik SpbGU. Management series, 8. 2003. Vol. 4. P. 26–48.
  • Classification of Main Approaches to Brand Valuation in Russian Companies // Vestnik SpbGU. Management series, 8. 2002. Vol. 2 (with V. Vilkov).


Papers in Professional Journals

  • Can the Efficiency of the Case Method be Improved // International Journal of Case Method research & Application. 2009. Vol. XXI, № 3. P. 237–241 (with I.V. Gladkikh).
  • Viral Marketing as Effective Communicative Instrument // Top-Manager. 2008, October. P. 76–79.


Published Cases

  • Ralf Ringer: Testing National Brand’s Competitive Power House. The European Case Clearing House (ECCH). 2010. № 510-059-1 (with I.V. Gladkikh)/
  • Is it Hard to Promote a Provocative Brand for Kids in Russia? The European Case Clearing House (ECCH). 2009. № 509-005-1.
  • Warning: the Treasurer Cigarettes are Dangerous for your Wallet The European Case Clearing House (ECCH). 2009. № 509-025-12.
  • Feel Sympathy for Derzhava: Why Didn’t Russians Like the Candy Brand? The European Case Clearing House (ECCH). 2008. № 508-024-1.
  • Battery Energy Drink: Successful Start What’s Next? The European Case Clearing House (ECCH). 2007. № 507-188-1 (with I.V. Gladkikh, R. Kopp).
  • Diplomat Vodka makes a Break for Premium Class: The European Case Clearing House (ECCH). 2007. № 507-031-8 (with I.V. Gladkikh).
  • Arctica Company: Strengthening Positions in the Market for Ice-Cream (Case) // Vestnik SpbGU. Management series, 8. Vol. 3, 2003 (with V. Akulov).




  • Member of World Association for Case Method Research and Application (WACRA), 2008 ─present.
  • Editor in chief for translation Aaker D. Building Strong Brands. Moscow, 2003.
  • Participation in consulting and educational projects for Russian companies.
  • Member of WACRA, EMAC


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