GSOM SPbU students obtain scholarships of Gazprombank

Based on a competitive selection process Gazprombank awarded scholarships for students of Graduated School of Management SPbU. The Bank awarded two scholarships for the best students of the School, who showed excellent results in their education and active involvement in University life.


As a result Gazprombank’s scholarships were given to Anna S. Lozhkina and Taisia P. Vanyuta.


Congratulations to our students!



Taisiya Vanyuta

Bachelor of Management, Financial Management concentration, Year 4


"Despite the fact that the selection for the scholarship was fairly standard, one of the stages – an interview was standed out from other programs of this kind. Interviewers tried to assess not only academic achievement, winning the case-championships, but also involvement in scientific and social activity. In other words, they evaluated candidates with different criteria, paying special attention to the versatility of the candidate. It is very pleased for me to be nominated to Gazprombank’s scholarship".




Anna Lozhkina

Bachelor of Public Administration, Year 4


“For me participation in competitive selection process for obtaining Gazprombank’s scholarship became a great opportunity to demonstrate my professional achievements and to evaluate my personal growth and potential.


The most important step was the interview with the employees of GPB, which had a multidimensional character: presentation, academic achievements, internships and work experience, interests, plans and goals for the future, plans for professional and personal growth. The importance was attached to the assessment of personal and communicative qualities – “soft skills”. Interdisciplinary approach of teaching at Graduate School of Management, participation in the case-championships, conferences, forums, guest lectures, and various networking events allow me to develop these qualities. My experience of exchange semester at Queen's School of Business in Canada attracted particular interest of interviewers. Indeed, the exchange program at GSOM is an important opportunity for the personal development and unique international experience.


Now I am spending my exchange semester in the United States, where the main focus of education is on proactive behavier and  development of generalist skills. The Graduate School of Management help students to develop both specialist qualities and all-round generalist orientation.

I would like to wish to all future participants actively participate in extracurricular activities, develop “soft skills, to learn and be open to new opportunities. In my opinion, this is the best way to develop leadership and management capacity, applicable in any field, and become "generalists person. The advantages of this approach have recently been confirmed by the research of Harvard Business Review:


Leaders tend to be generalists. They can shift course and manage multiple areas. They are more flexible.


I wish to set new goals, to try themselves in various fields and become leaders-generalists!”