GSOM SPbU hosted block-seminar for CEMS students

On the first academic week, from 3 to 8 of September, 2017, CEMS students arrived at GSOM SPMU for the annual block seminar.


A panel session devoted to digital transformations was held with the participation of Konstantin V. Krotov, Head of School, Sergey Shestakov, CEO, Luxms Business Intelligence and Polina Lukyanova, Director of the Business Incubator Ingria.


Students visited the offices of partner companies - Business Incubator Ingria and  Megafon, lectures of GSOM SPbU professors - Maxim Y. Arzumanyan and Sergey A. Yablonsky, and skype session with Boris Goutkin, project manager of The Boston Consulting Group. Boris joined final project pitch defence evaluation team.


On Friday, the final projects’ presentation took place. As part of the cultural program, students attended Russian folk dance master class.




CEMS is a global alliance in the field of management education, the goal of which is to educate future talented management specialists, and also responsible international business leaders, taking into account the social impact of their projects on world society. One of the important criteria by which students are selected for the program is the desire to succeed in the international business environment, based on a responsible approach and high ethical qualities.





Завершился ежегодный блок семинар для студентов программы CEMS