Educational seminar for specialists in PPP of transport sector was held at GSOM SPbU

On November 14-15, 2017 GSOM SPbU hosted an educational seminar "Basic Approaches to Formation of the State Policy in the Field of Transport Education: Training and Retraining of PPP Specialists for the Transport Industry" and PPP Debates on the topic "Competencies and Success in Implementing PPP Transport Projects".


The event was organized by GSOM SPbU Center for Public Private Partnership Studies as part of research project "Development of scientific proposals for the formation and evaluation of competencies in the field of public-private partnership in the transport sector". The research is running on the basis of governmental contract within SPbU and Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation.



The seminar was attended by representatives of transport universities, the Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation, federal and regional public authorities of transport industry, experts in the field of PPP projects, heads and representatives of financial and consulting organizations that prepare and support the implementation of transport PPP projects.


The moderator and organizers of the seminar:

  • Svetlana V. Maslova (Associate Professor, SPbU Department of Public Administration, Head of GSOM SPbU Center for PPP Studies);
  • Andrew E. Ivanov (Associate Professor, SPbU Department of Public Administration, Academic Director of Executive Education Programs, Deputy Director of GSOM SPbU Center for PPP Studies).


The seminar was held at two sites of St. Petersburg University (Volkhovskiy per., 3 and Mikhailovskaya Dacha Campus).


The program of events included two days of speeches, discussions, presentations, electronic voting in the structure of PPP-debates.


The modular structure of the seminar contained the following thematic blocks:

  • "Competence and success of implementing PPP transport projects";
  • "Public-private partnership in the transport sector: current problems and prospects for development";
  • "Formation of key competencies of transport industry specialists in the preparation and implementation of PPP projects in the transport sector";
  • "The main approaches to the development and implementation of educational programs at various levels to obtain the emerging competencies in the field of PPP in the transport industry and their content";
  • "Modern methods of teaching the discipline: Public-private partnership in the field of transport ", as well as approbation of the methodology for assessing the existing competencies of representatives of government bodies and local governments in the transport sector and the methodology for planning specialists in the field of PPP in the transport sector

During the opening of the seminar on November 14, S.V. Maslova has outlined in her welcoming speech the main problems associated with the availability and adequacy of competencies in the preparation and support of the implementation of PPP transport projects, the ways and forms of the formation and evaluation of these competencies, as well as "competence gaps".


PPP debates (accompanied by an electronic voting систем) were devoted to various issues of forming key competencies of specialists in the field of transport PPP projects.


PPP experts and federal representatives took part in voting and discussion:

  • Elena N. Semenova (Head of Department of Legal Support and PPP Projects, Federal Road Agency / Rosavtodor);
  • Olga A. Potiforova (Head of the Office for PPP and External Relations, Directorate for Transport System Development of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region);
  • Roman A. Golovanov (Head of PPP project formation department of St. Petersburg Investments Committee);
  • Oleg A. Lyapustin (Deputy Director, LSR Group);
  • Vladimir M. Romanovsky (Deputy General Director, Head of Legal Department, Northern Capital Highway LLC);
  • Konstantin I. Popov (Deputy General Director, Avtodor Group, until May 2017);
  • Andrey V. Kiselev (Deputy Department of Infrastructure Financing, VTB Capital);
  • Alla A. Lapshina (Executive Director, Gazprombank PPP Department);
  • Aleksandra A. Shaikhutdinova (Head of  Financial Department, PMA Agency);
  • Anna S. Tarkhova (Head of Investment and Marketing Department, PMA Agency);
  • Anastasia S. Belyaeva (the lawyer of Capital Legal Services);
  • Victor V. Eremin (specialist of St. Petersburg Investments Committee, graduate of GSOM SPbU Master in Public Administration Program);
  • Daria D. Sergeeva, the student of GSOM SPbU Master in Public Administration Program), as well as students of GSOM SPbU Bachelor' and Master' programs.


Also the seminar has gathered representatives and scholars of transport sector’ universities:

  • Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University,
  • Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping,
  • Moscow State University of Railway Transport (MIIT),
  • Rostov State University of Railway Transport,
  • Ural State University of Railway Transport and other educational institutions of Russian transport complex.


Despite the differences in approaches and vision of solving problems in the formation of competencies in the field of PPP in the transport sector, the seminar participants agreed that the issues of training and retraining of specialists in the field of PPP should not only be part of the agenda discussed by the expert community. Necessary and urgent measures should be joint actions of public authorities and educational institutions to develop basic and additional educational programs aimed at the formation of appropriate competencies in the field of PPP. Branch specificity of transport PPP projects should be taken into account when training specialists. The focus of government bodies in the transport industry and educational institutions of the Russian transport complex should also include issues related to the assessment of existing competencies of specialists and planning their preparation. The result of the seminar was the agreement reached on interaction between representatives of the Laboratory "Center for PPP Studies" and transport universities on issues of methodological and scientific and expert cooperation and exchange. 






В ВШМ СПбГУ прошел двухдневный образовательный семинар для специалистов по ГЧП в сфере транспорта