Dress code that helps to become a part of business society

On November 16, 2017, within the first global career event for students of GSOM SPbU Management Career Week, a master class was held by the leading specialist of the fashion industry, the GSOM SPbU visiting lecturer, Alena Andreeva.


“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” - Coco Chanel


Creating an image is the most important criterion that influences the success of an employee, and it is the costume that plays a huge role in creating a correct, effective image of both the employee and the company itself. Fashion, style and business dress code are interrelated. Fashion brings changes in the business style.


After a brief introduction into the history of fashion, Alena told about 5 main directions of the business dress code in accordance with the world classification.




The most rigidly regulated direction in the business style. It is accepted to adhere to protocol presentations, official meetings at the governmental level, important official negotiations and conferences.


The main points for men:

  • Monophonic (black, graphite or blue) suit made from smooth wool
  • Classic white shirt with cuffs for cufflinks
  • Classic belt with tongue, buckle is not allowed, not more than 3.5 cm thick
  • Dark, monophonic, but not in the color of the suit, silk tie. A thin strip or a calm geometric pattern is allowed
  • Classic watch with leather strap
  • Shoes: black Oxford or Derby models
  • Socks same color as trousers


The main points for women:

  • A plain monophonic (black, graphite or blue) of smooth wool with a skirt below the knee (trouser suits are unacceptable). In the summer gray or beige shades are permissible
  • A jacket with a dress-case below the knee from one fabric is also acceptable
  • White or monochrome calm tones calssic blouse
  • Beige tights are required through the year
  • Classic watch with leather or metal strap
  • Jewelry: earrings are allowed and one ring on each hand
  • Closed shoes with heels not more than 5 cm
  • Long hair is always gathered in a hairstyle or a neat tail.
  • Absence of bright manicure and make-up




Strictly regulated direction in business style, but allowing more liberties than Business best. In the Business tradition one can be dressed on a working day, on the meeting with clients and negotiations.


The main points for men:

  • Suit of smooth wool: dark, also a strip or a graphic drawing are allowed
  • A blazer with trousers of a different color
  • One-color or patterned shirt
  • Classic Belt
  • A tie is required. Bright colors are allowed
  • Classic watch with leather strap
  • Shoes: Oxford, Derby, Chukka or Chelsea models
  • Trouser socks


The main points for women:

  • Suit with trousers or skirt
  • A blouse with a skirt or trousers is acceptable
  • Beige or gray, blue, brown transparent tights are required through the year
  • Classic watch with leather or metal strap
  • Jewelry is acceptable without undue attention
  • Closed shoes with heels not more than 5 cm




Weakly regulated direction in business style. It is customary to adhere to Fridays, when going to seminars outside the office, during informal day meetings





The main points for men and women:

  • Informal jacket or blazer
  • Trousers, jealousies or jeans
  • Shirt or cardigan
  • Shoes can be any, if there are no special restrictions in the company






The rules of etiquette in clothes for business trips are thought up and collected in the direction of Business trip. Planning of a wardrobe on a trip should begin with the most formal event, having preliminary learned from the organizer the provided dress code. It is important to think in full - take with you a combination of kits that allow you to combine sets for all the stated activities.








How to look chic in a business suit? To answer this question, the direction Business after five was invented. It can be mentioned to adhere to invitations to corporate and social events that begin after 5 pm. Men should choose costumes from expensive fabrics, add shawl to the image, a tie can be abandoned. Women can afford a dress on a silk lining together or without a jacket. Jewelery is welcome.






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