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12 Sep 2018

International module “Doing business in Russia” for Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business is completed At GSOM SPbU

The exchange program “Doing Business in Russia” is completed at Graduate School of Management St. Petersburg University (GSOM SPbU), along with Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB).




Platform for learning about business in Russia

  • Consumer behavior on different markets
  • The role of art in Russian society
  • Domestic and foreign policy
  • Business prospects in Russia


From September 6th to 7th, GSOM SPbU professors hold lectures for students of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. 22 top managers of China's leading companies in the field of manufacturing, finance, real estate and innovation participated in the program. The goal of the international module is to help participants to better understand historical and cultural aspects of doing business in Russia and to figure out the opportunities and problems of the Russian market. The module consisted of five lectures:

  • “Opportunities and Threats to Enter into Russian Industries and Market”

Speaker: Asc. Prof. Konstantin V. Krotov, Head of School, GSOM SPbU

  • “Russian Economy: Challenges We Face”

Speaker: Asc. Professor Vasily K. Dermanov, GSOM SPbU

  • “Russia’s Foreign Policy Towards China: Problems and Opportunities”

Speaker: Prof. Alexandr A. Sergunin, School of International Relations SPbU

  • “Doing Business in Russia: Customer Behavior in Different Markets”

Speaker: Asc. Prof. Maria M. Smirnova, Head of Marketing Department, GSOM SPbU

  • “Role of Art and Theater in Russian society: Past and Future Perspectives”

Speaker: Prof. Stanislav A. Savitsky, Higher School of Economics and Faculty of Liberal Arts, SPbU, Head of the Center for Contemporary Art


During the course participants of the module visited Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet where they visited Academy museum, were told about the history and its modern structure and learnt how the educational process is organized now. At the end of the module, students received certificates of participation. The Administration of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business noticed the high level of training, and expressed the wish for further cooperation with GSOM SPbU.