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20 May 2019

Ph.D. student Elvira Grinberg has presented her doctoral thesis research

On May 17, Ph.D. student Elvira Grinberg has presented the results of her doctoral thesis research on the topic:“Predictors of Knowledge Management System efficiency in the context of information overload”.

Elvira Grinberg examines technology acceptance model (TAM) predicts system success based on design features through such variables as perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness. Acceptance and use of Knowledge Management System is complicated by organizational and personal barriers and aggravated by information overload. Perceived ease of use, "the degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would be free of effort", comes to the fore in that context.

In her present paper Elvira Grinberg also makes an overview of Knowledge Management Systems from the TAM perspective considering the mentioned limitations. It identifies gaps in the existing stream of research and focuses on three external variables which predict the perceived ease of use:

1) visualization,

2) underlying ontology design,

3) employees’ ability to structure and generalize knowledge.


The research was conducted by Tatiana A. Gavrilova (Doctor of Science (Technics), Professor). Dmitry V. Kudryavtsev (Candidate of Science (Technics), Assistant Professor), and Antonina Yu. Lisovskaya (Candidate of Science (Economics), Assistant Professor) became discussants during the seminar. Galina V. Shirokova (Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor) moderated the discussion.


Elvira Grinberg is a PhD student, Graduate School of Management, St.Petersburg University. Her research interests lie in the field of knowledge management with a major focus on knowledge mapping, structuring and encoding. Elvira has scientific publications at world-wide journals: “Business Informatics” and “Strategic Change”.