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Information provision for the main academic programs





Data on information provision for the course should be included into the following sections of the Course Description:


3.4 «Information provision» in subsections:


3.4.1 Compulsory literature list (max 3 items)

3.4.2 Additional literature list (max 10 items)

3.4.3 Other information sources (databases licensed by GSOM or SPbU)



Items, included in the compulsory/additional literature list, should meet the following requirements:




1. To be available in the quantity, corresponding to the norms of the students’ provision with compulsory/additional literature, at the GSOM Library or in the electronic databases licensed by GSOM or SPbU.


2. To have a purchase confirmation and delivery dates (applicable for the new acquisitions). Please pay attention that foreign textbook delivery may take over 80 business days.

Norms of the students’ provision with compulsory/additional literature





Printed materials

Electronic materials

Compulsory literature


(50 textbooks per 100 students)


(1 e-textbook per 100 students)

Additional literature


(25 textbooks per 100 students)


(1 e-textbook per 100 students)


Data sources for the textbook availability checking




1. GSOM Library OPAC



2. Full-text databases, licensed by GSOM and SPbU


International databases: 

  • Books 24x7 Link
  • Ebrary Academic Complete Link
  • EBSCOhost eBook collection Link
  • Springer Link
  • Elsevier eBook Collections Link


Local databases: 

  • Electronic-library system (ELS) «Ibooks» Link
  • Electronic-library system (ELS) «Uright» Publishing Link
  • Electronic-library system (ELS) «Lan» Publishing Link
  • Electronic Library «Alpina Publishers» Link


Approved bookshops for e-textbooks*




Textbooks in Russian:


Textbooks in English:





Library acquisitions manager:


Muleva Julia


Head Librarian


Telephone: (812) 323-84-78      Email:



*Book requests should be sent to Julia Muleva email: