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Electronic Resources - Terms of Use


Use of all electronic resources subscribed to by the GSOM Library is governed by licensing agreements that restrict use to GSOM students, faculty and staff, for education or research purposes only.

As an authorized GSOM user it is your responsibility to ensure that you always use these resources according to these stipulations. Specifically, you must abide by the following conditions:


  • You may not use these resources for any commercial purpose
  • You may not share your right to access with any other person or organization
  • You may not, as per copyright law, download, distribute, or retain entire issues or volumes of electronic resources or similarly substantial portions of information provided. Some licenses also prohibit the downloading of entire sections of a website.
  • You may not use any software for automatically downloading materials from any licensed web site
  • You must read and agree to the terms of the license or copyright agreement for each specific resource whenever such an agreement is available.


Any violation of the above-mentioned licensing agreement allows publishers to suspend access FOR THE ENTIRE GSOM COMMUNITY.