Managers of Russian Future gathered on the campus "Mikhailovskaya Dacha"


For the sixth time, the top 100 students from all over the world and representatives of leading Russian companies met on the GSOM SPbU campus "Mikhailovskaya Dacha" to discuss the successes and prospects of Russian business in the era of innovation within the framework of the conference "Management of the Future'17”.



Konstantin Krotov, first deputy director of GSOM SPbU, said the welcome speech to the participants. In his greeting, Konstantin Krotov spoke about his pride to the city, pride to GSOM SPbU, the Conference, colleagues and students.





Meeting with Andrey Kostin



Participants of the conference had an opportunity to listen to the speech of Andrey Kostin, GSOM SPbU Director, President and Chairman of the Board of VTB Bank. Andrey Kostin hold the lecture about "Global banking business today: challenges and opportunities", the main idea of which was the technological revolution that affected the banking sector.



The realities of nowadays show that the clients, their requirements and understanding of convenience are changing. The bank of the future must be able to anticipate the wishes of the consumer, and for this, its employees must be able to analyze and correctly interpret Big Data. Thus, the task of the future manager is not to passively move along a given vector, but to change its movement in the right direction, chosen with intelligence and alignment.

The top 100 students from 10 regions of Russia, as well as Hong Kong, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland met with well known leaders of Russian companies.
More than 3000 applications from 23 countries were received.




In his lecture, the GSOM SPbU director also spoke about the state of the Russian banking sector, which, in comparison with the developed countries, where this sector is in stagnation, shows stable growth. "Youth is an important advantage that you have. Dare!"- said director of GSOM SPbU, the President and Chairman of the board of VTB Bank Andrey Kostin.



The future must be earned: the lecture of Maxim Arzumanyan 








Today's world is best characterized by an abbreviation “VUCA”. The world that we would like to see harmonious, understandable and stable is in fact a volatile, unpredictable, complex and uncertain. And, we must understand how to live and work in this world.



Within the framework of the lecture Maxim Arzumanyan, senior lecturer of the department of information technologies in the management of GSOM SPbU, pointed out that the world has ceased to be black and white and now has a huge number of very different shades with which it is necessary to be able to work. 

Will be management as a profession in the future? And what is the role of strategy in the world of permanent change? The main thing, according to the lecturer, is the fact that we are building our future by ourselves.



Solving global problems requires new quality of interaction and joint solutions. Therefore, competent management, the ability to negotiate and build a deliberate strategy for solving global problems is what the future world needs.



How to wake up the sleeping giants:  The panel discussion "The Russian Economy: Challenges and Trends" 


In addition to the lectures within the conference, there were events in the format of panel discussions. The Russian economy was discussed by Marina Lipetskaya, director of the fund "Center for Strategic Research "North-West " and Vladimir Tsuprov, Investment Director of TKB Investment Partners. The moderator of the discussion was Maxim Storcheva, senior lecturer of the Strategic and International Management Chair at GSOM SPbU.


Where is the Russian economy now? Oil can not provide economic stability. According to Marina Lipetskaya, the development of technologies can become a ray of light for the Russian economy, and there are specialists in Russia who are able to develop the most advanced technological products. Participants in the discussion agreed with the thesis that the Russian Federation has a huge potential: it is here that the future giants of the world economy are still dormant. Participants of the Conference discussed the reasons for the departure of highly qualified specialists from Russia, and what conditions are necessary for young professionals to stay in the country. As part of the stormy discussion, the young managers shared constructive solutions to the economic situation in Russia, expressed their hopes for the technological development of enterprises in the country and expressed their readiness to change the current state of affairs and build a better future today.































 First day


How will Russian companies change in the era of progress: panel discussion "Transformation of business models in Russia"


The theme of the second day of the Conference was the changes in Russian companies in the era of a rapidly changing world.


The first event of the day was a panel discussion with the participation of Alexey Blagirev, Innovation Director of the bank “Otkritie”, Sergey Vakulenko, Head of Strategy and Innovation Department of PJSC Gazprom Neft, Grigory Babadzhanyan, Vice President, Retail Banking Development Director, PJSC Bank Post . The discussion was moderated by Vadim Kovalev, the first deputy executive director of the Russian Managers Association. Top managers of the largest Russian companies discussed the changes in business models with the influence of new economic conditions.



Leadership of the industry leader: Dmitry Konov gave a lecture “The development of Russian petrochemicals”


An open lecture by Dmitry Konov, Chairman of the Board of PJSC "SIBUR Holding" was devoted to development and prospects in the petrochemical industry. According to Dmitry Konov, a successful industry specialist should have a highly specialized set of competences, but be multitasking and easily trained. In addition, Dmitry noted that it was information technology that became the language of current time, and therefore, the future specialist should be able to “speak freely” in this language. The authors of the best questions to the Head of SIBUR received gifts from the company - videocopters. For example, one of the winning questions raised the presence of PJSC Sibur Holding's research programs in conjunction with the European Commission.


Expert sessions on "Business and solving social problems" of representatives of PJSC Gazprom Neft and VTB Bank (PAO) were held. Yuri Blagov, Associate Professor, Strategic and International Management Department, GSOM SPbU and Mikhail Krivonos, President of the Raoul Charity Foundation held after open lecture.


A separate event was a closed professional discussion, organized with the support of Coca-Cola HBC Russia and an expert partner of The Boston Consulting Group. Experts in the field of recruitment discussed the results of a study on “Factors that motivate young people of a new generation to work in Russian companies”. Moderators of the discussion were Marina O. Latukha, assistant professor of organizational management and personnel management at GSOM SPbU and Sofya V. Kosheleva, professor at the Department of Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management at GSOM SPbU.


In the second part of the day, the participants of the Conference presented their business tasks to the representatives of VTB Group, SIBUR, SPLAT, BIOCAD. Winners received prizes from companies.































 Second day


First-hand experience


On the third day of the conference "Management of the Future" the participants visited workshops from representatives of various business and education spheres.

Taras Polishchuk, the director of the IBS Group program, the founder of HRTechTank held a workshop on changing the requirements of employers for applicants. Tatyana Chernigovskaya, Doctor of Philology and Biology, Professor of St. Petersburg State University and Head of the Laboratory of Cognitive Studies at St. Petersburg State University, spoke about how the human brain works and what changes, sometimes unpredictable and even alarming, happen with it in the era of the technological revolution. "Appreciate what you have - your brain, and do not spend in vain" - Tatiana Chernigovskaya advised participants of the conference. 


Leaders of Russia's leading companies within the framework of workshops offered participants cases on how to build a successful business (Dmitry Morozov, president of BIOCAD), whether there is a place for start-up companies in providing medical services (Case DOC +, Ruslan Zaidullin, Co-founder of the company). UFights representatives Vladislav Smirnov and Natalia Solina told about how to conduct successful negotiations in order to achieve the desired result and win.































 Third day


"Management of the Future" unites the best of the best


The conference is taking place for the sixth time, and over the years more than half a million talented students took part in it. On the third day of the Conference, a meeting of alumni - participants of previous years took place. The moderator of the meeting was Alexander Baizarov, Chairman of the organizing committee of the conference "Management of the Future" in 2016.


Campus "Mikhailovskaya Dacha" was visited by the Minister of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Krai Elena Mironenko. Within the framework of the expert session, the Minister described the information openness and new formats of the leadership of the regional government today.


"Management of the Future" unites the best of the best, so that together they inspire each other, give birth to ideas and solutions for building the future of Russia, creating perspective and effective companies. Active interaction, openness to new ideas, humanistic goals and talent are the points that characterize the participants of the Conference, and what they are ready to bring to the world to make it better.


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