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07 Nov 2019

Have you missed the Bachelor's open day? We have prepared answers to main questions of future applicants

On November 2, at 14:00, the traditional Bachelor's Open Day in the areas of “Management”, “International Management” and “Public Administration” took place. More than 200 future applicants visited GSOM SPbU campus "Mikhailovskaya Dacha". The participants went on a guide tour to the main campus, received advice on admission and study abroad, and talked with students of the School. If you missed Bachelor's Open Day, here are the answers to the main questions.



Bachelor's Open Day began with a guide tour on the “Mikhailovskaya Dacha” campus. Volunteer students showed the guests training classes, new dormitories, a dining room, a leisure zone and a library. Tours began in the main educational building, a completely reconstructed historical building. In the late XIX — early XX centuries, ‘’Mikhailovskaya Dacha’’ served as a summer suburban residence for the family of the youngest son of Nicholas I, Grand Duke Mikhail N. Romanov (1850 - 1917). In those days, the stable building was located in the main educational building.

The “head” of the main educational building and one of the most recognizable places on the campus is a conference hall with 450 seats, where most of the streaming lectures are held. It is his roof, resembling a flying saucer, that everyone who passes by sees. This form was not chosen by chance — there was an oval racetrack on the site of the conference hall.

In addition, in the main academic building there are 4 classrooms with 120 seats, 15 classrooms with 60 seats, 6 classrooms with 40 seats, 4 computer classes, a digital laboratory <5G_Dream_Lab> and many small classrooms that students use for group work. Such an audience can be booked in advance, for example, in order to prepare for the project. Individual preparation for classes, as a rule, takes place in the library. There the optimal conditions for study are created: silence, convenient workplaces and access to a large amount of information.

One of the most frequent questions of applicants and their parents is how to get to “Mikhailovskaya Dacha”.

You can get from the city by bus or minibus from the Avtovo or Leninsky Prospekt metro stations — the journey takes about 40 minutes. For students living in the University dormitory, bus number 210 is suitable, the travel takes about 25 minutes. Read more about how to get to the ‘’Mikhailovskaya Dacha’’ campus >>.

A movie was shot several times on ‘’Mikhailovskaya Dacha’’ campus, and two years ago the Major film crew worked there.




During Bachelor’s Open Day guests had the opportunity to personally interact with academic program directors. There were many questions about the differences between the programs of the direction "Management" and "International Management". Let's figure it out!

GSOM SPbU “Management” program pay more attention to fundamental knowledge in the field of company management in various industries and business areas, as well as the development of managerial skills: leadership potential, soft skills, competent business communication and others.

The Management program provides the widest field for selection. Here, for two years, students study the basics of all areas of management science, and by the third year they choose an individual educational direction:

  • Financial management. These courses prepare students to become managers and specialists of financial services of companies, banks analytical departments, insurance organizations, consulting and audit firms;
  • Human Resource Management. These courses prepare students to become specialists and heads of departments for the selection, development and training of personnel;
  • Information Management. Courses in this area help to obtain systemic analytical skills in working with Data and knowledge;
  • Marketing. These courses prepare students for work as specialists and heads of marketing departments who are able to manage the product and its promotion;
  • Logistics. These courses prepare students for work in logistics services, supply chain management, procurement, production, etc.

The “International Management (IM) program is best suited for those who, already in the last school year have achieved a high level of English, and in the future want to build a career in a large international company. If you enroll in IM, from the first year you will study in English. In addition to this, you will learn two foreign languages — one from the European group (French, Spanish, German), the second from Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese). During training, special emphasis will be placed on working in cross-cultural teams, as many foreigners study on the program. Students of the International Management program will also receive in-depth knowledge about the features of cultures and doing business in different regions of the world. More about the International Management Program >>

What other programs are there?

The “Public Administration” program trains managers in the field of public management, as well as in the field of interaction between the state and the private sector. Students are taught managerial, analytical and advisory activities. Graduates of this program work in government structures — state and municipal government bodies, in large Russian and international companies and in consulting — in independent analytical services, consulting companies and research institutes.



“Graduate School of Management SPbU is a leading Russian business school that through a global vision bridges ideas, professionals and organizations to educate leaders, create and disseminate managerial knowledge for impactful societal and economic change”, that is the School mission. What does it mean for future students?

A quality education brings the most up-to-date knowledge and the most relevant skills. In addition, it allows you to get a good job immediately after graduation. And sometimes during education at GSOM SPbU! The main task of GSOM SPbU Career Center is to help students find first internships, and then a dream job.

According to the results of a Bachelor programs alumni survey in 2019, 28% of them continue to study at the Master programs, 52% are already working, 20% are in search of their calling. More than 70% of all respondents are already studying or plan to study at the Master programs.

GSOM SPbU has an international status that allows all students to go to one of the 78 best business schools in the world for an exchange semester.




Alexander F. Denisov, Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management Department, Deputy Head (Field of Management), Department for Education and Research, spoke about the features of admission to the GSOM SPbU Bachelor's programs. He noted that in 2020, applicants can submit documents in electronic form through the personal office of incoming SPbU >>.

Full-time acceptance of documents in the areas of "Management" and "Public Administration" in accordance with the Admission Rules at St. Petersburg University in 2020 will take place:

  • From June 20, 2020 to July 10, 2020, for those who pass the entrance tests conducted by St. Petersburg University, these are graduates of previous years schools, graduates of secondary secondary schools and other categories of citizens who wish to take the result of the internal exam, and not the UNE (united national exam).
  • From June 20 to July 26, 2020, for applicants on the budget basis of training according to the results of the exam.
  • From June 20 to August 10, 2020 for applicants to places with tuition fees.

In 2020, admission to three programs will be open. To enter "Public Administration" program it is necessary to provide the results of the exam in specialized mathematics, social studies and the Russian language. For "International Management" and "Management" you will need the exam in specialized mathematics, foreign and Russian languages.

More about admission to the program at GSOM SPbU in 2020 >>



During Bachelor’s Open Day students of the School held a special presentation on extracurricular activities. Sports events, case championships and many student projects make life at GSOM SPbU deep, vibrant and interesting.

One of the oldest student traditions is award ceremony named Peter Drucker — Drucker Awards. It brings together students, alumni, faculty of the School, representatives of the business community, art and culture. The award ceremony is traditionally held at the end of the school year, in May, and students organize it themselves.

The charitable organization GSOM Charity Club unites students who devote their free time to volunteer projects.

The cultural and sports department of the GSOM SPbU Student Council is the community, where students engage in football, basketball, music, dancing, volleyball, bumperball and cyber sports.

About 100 foreigners come to GSOM SPbU every semester. For those who want to make as many friends as possible around the world, there is the Aw’GSOM Buddy Team. It is an association of volunteers that help exchange students get started in Russia.

One of the most beloved entertainments of GSOM students is to win case-championships. There is a case club for training case solving skills. And for those who are passionate about stocks, bonds and the situation on the stock market, a financial club works.

Becoming GSOM SPbU student, you will become a part of the business community — GSOM Family, which remains with you after graduation. Welcome!




Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg University is called Business School No. 1 in Russia. There are three reasons for this.

Reason #1. International accreditations

Accreditation has two main functions. The first is to help the applicants choose a quality business education in the variety that they encounters. The second important function of accrediting organizations is to control, create and maintain quality standards for business education, as well as support and help business schools achieve these standards.

Even after receiving one of these accreditations, the educational institution significantly improves its status. Those schools that have all three certificates (Triple accreditation) make up the elite of business education. There are less than 1% of such schools in the world.

GSOM SPbU has an AMBA accreditation and the only one in Russia — EQUIS accreditation.

Reason #2. International rankings

International rankings also help applicants navigate the quality of educational services offered. Universities rank by institutional rankings such as QS and THE. For business schools one of the most authoritative rankings is the Financial Times.

GSOM SPbU is the only one in Russia represented in the ranking of 95 best business schools in Europe FT European Business Schools and in the ranking of the best Master in management programs of The Economist. For many years, the EdUniversal ranking agency has recognized GSOM SPbU as the best business school in Russia and Eastern Europe.

“Ranking is not a goal, but only an indicator of the team’s work, but such recognition for a business school is very important. This proves that the School’s strategy is justifying itself, innovations in the educational process are being successfully implemented, and the team of faculty and employees is developing”, says Konstantin V. Krotov, Head of School, GSOM SPbU.

More information about rankings>>

Reason #3. Memberships in International Associations

GSOM SPbU is an institutional member of a number of international associations, which include leading business schools in the world and business representatives — AACSB, ABIS, AMBA, EBSLG, EFMD, GBSN, GMAC, GRLI, WACRA and others. In Russia, GSOM SPbU is represented in the most important professional associations, including the Association of Managers, the Russian Association of Business Education (RABO), and the St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA).

More information about associations>>


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