Center for Entrepreneurship

Main activities

Center Staff

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Karina Alexandrovna Bogatyreva
Karina Alexandrovna Bogatyreva
Associate Professor, Strategic and International Management Department, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship. Academic Director, Doctoral Program
Eleonora V. Shmeleva
Eleonora V. Shmeleva
Acting head of the Research Support Department

Other Research Centers

The major goal of the Center is to develop and disseminate knowledge about the implementation and efficient management of PPP projects, as well as to provide a platform for interaction among public officials, business community and academics in the process of the implementation of PPP projects by integrating the competences of academics and professional experts.

The Center’s goal is to support GSOM SPbU mission — to educate and advance the national managerial elite strongly committed to the idea of implementing the principles of social responsibility for impactful societal and economic change.

The objective of the Center is creation of competences in studying marketing and innovation theories and methodologies using advanced experience of Russian companies in the comparative studies and spreading new knowledge among Russian academics and the businesses.

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