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03 Sep 2018

GSOM Freshman Day

On September 1st , we celebrated GSOM Freshman Day at “Mikhailovskaya Dacha” campus.  For the first time GSOM SPbU first-year students' meeting brought together Bachelor, Master and exchange students. They learned about the organization of studies at GSOM SPbU and got to know each other. A separate meeting was organized for the parents of Bachelor freshmen.



September 1st at GSOM SPbU began with general meeting of the first-year students and their parents. The Director of School Andrei L. Kostin, the Head of School Konstantin V. Krotov and Director of the bachelor and master programs Vitaly V. Mishuchkov welcomed freshmen to GSOM SPbU. 


Head of GSOM SPbU Konstantin V. Krotov


Konstantin V. Krotov informed students that this year School celebrates its 25th anniversary and told the history of the GSOM SPbU. "Today, in 2018, you came and became a part of our history," said the Head of School. "The contribution of each of you to the development of the School matters." Konstantin also explained the mission of the School to the students and encouraged them to use all the opportunities that GSOM SPbU provides.

Then the floor was given to the students. Master student Dmitry said that he decided to continue his studies at GSOM SPbU, because there study people who are very interesting to spend time with. "This applies not only to the students and your friends, but also to the teachers. GSOM teachers support students and do their best to help them build successful careers," said Dmitry.


Master student Dmitry


After the general meeting, students split: Masters went to meet with the academic directors of the programs (MiMMCFMPMMiBA), and Bachelors remained in the conference hall where the organizational meeting was held. During this meeting, students had the opportunity to ask questions online. One of the freshmen asked: "I want to be happy, will they teach me at GSOM?". 



The other questions were related mainly to the educational process: when it is possible to go for a semester abroad (starting from the third year), when the new dorms are opening (according to plans, in 2020), who is depicted on GSOM logo (the Roman goddess of wisdom Minerva). In addition, at this meeting, Vitaly V. Mishuchkov gave students a task for the next four years. He suggested that they begin to think about the question: what can I do better than other people?

After this meeting, undergraduate students also met with academic directors ("International Management", "Management", "Public Administration"). Then they were told how to use the library, what is the Student Council and how students learn English at GSOM SPbU. A separate meeting was organized for parents. At the end of the day freshmen received library cards and student IDs.



After the meeting with academic directors Master students were networking, so they had an opportunity to meet each other and discuss their goals for the next two years. Then the director of the Career Center  Elizaveta A. Troyanova told the students about the upcoming events, case championships and opportunities for studying abroad. She also gave students a task, - during two years of studying they should think about what they want to do after graduation.



This year GSOM SPbU welcomes 170 bachelors, 140 masters and 95 foreign students. All of them have overcame serious selection process and became members of GSOM Family.