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Master in Management – MIM




Master in Management – MiM

Master in Management, MiM program – is one of the programs being carried out by the Graduate School of Management Saint Petersburg State University since 1999. The GSOM Master in Management program is unique not only by its content, but also by its achievements: it the only master program in Russia which is listed in the Financial Times ranking “Master in Management 2014”.


Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: English


Learning basis: The budget and contract (tuition fees and scholarships)

Start date: September 1, 2017

Degree: Masters




Preparation of  highly skilled managers with a global focus and crucial competencies helping to apply analytical, research and leadership qualities as well as innovative methods and unique knowledge when developing and implementing functional business strategies in perspective of rapidly changing environment and severe competition.



Master in Management program peculiarities


Unique career opportunity

Due to the strong corporate relationships of GSOM SPbU and regular interaction of students with real business-issues, which is a part of studying process, students of MiM program get a unique career opportunities in and out of Russian Federation. This fact may be proofed by the listing in Financial Times ranking (the main criteria for the schools in this ranking is an average graduate’s salary). Students’ knowledge are being evaluated according to the the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, ECTS. This fact creates value of the GSOM MiM diploma not only in Russia but all over the world.).


International experience

The MiM program provides conditions for Russian and international students from the top-ranked world business schools to work together on various projects, case studies and enrich their experience through academic and extra-curricular life in the Graduate School of Management SPbU.

Master in Management program also implies one study abroad semester at a leading university / business school from the extensive list of the GSOM SPbU academic partners as an obligatory option for each student.


Enhanced opportunities for scientific activity

Students of the Master in Management program: 

  • have access to databases on the leading international scientific magazines on management and economy
  • can take part in projects conducted by GSOM research centers such as the Center of corporate social responsibility, etc.
  • can get support from teachers in preparation of publications and reports at conferences (section "Young Scientists")


Practice-oriented curriculum structure  

The curriculum of the program includes the core disciplines aimed at diversifying the study of all management areas, elective ones and range of trainings and workshops aimed at developing the professional and research competencies.






On the second semester of the program GSOM MiM students must choose between the general management track or one of four (starting enrollment 2016) concentrations.


Each concentration offers a list of area-specific courses delivered during the second year of studies.


The number of places available within each concentration is limited. The choice of a concentration happens during the first semester on a competitive basis considering the individual choice of each student and his/her rank, which is formed on the basis of admission test and interview results.


International Business (IB)

This concentration focuses on development of students’ professional, analytical and research competencies in global business issues. It covers studies in all fields of management in an international context and provides the knowledge and skills which are extremely important when doing business in global economy.


Research areas include:

  • Strategic management
  • International business strategies
  • Management processes in multinational companies
  • International marketing
  • Organizational changes
  • Cross-cultural management, etc.


Graduates of this concentration are qualified for the performing effective professional activity in the field of management of organizations, departments, groups (teams) of employees, projects and networks in the fast-growing Russian and international companies in a global environment, are able to implement modern corporate finance management practices and assess the Russian and international companies.


Marketing (Mark)

This concentration focuses on development of students’ professional, analytical and research competencies in the field of marketing. It includes studies of a number of compulsory subjects dealing with the problems of marketing decisions in the organization and role of marketing in a company strategy.


Research areas include:

  • New product management
  • Relationship marketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing communications
  • Marketing of innovative products
  • Strategic marketing, etc.


Graduates of this concentration are able to solve marketing issues in the field of creation and market launch of new products, including innovative ones, product development strategy in the context of globalization. Graduates also possess methodological and practical knowledge of marketing research, are able to independently organize research projects, prepare analytical information for management decision-making in the field of strategic and operational marketing.


Concentration in General Management, General Track (GT)

The general track of the Master in Management program allows the student to choose an individual portfolio of elective courses, Master Thesis specialization, focusing on the areas of studies such as general and strategic management, marketing, organizational behavior and personnel management, knowledge management and others. The profile provides in-depth learning of all major areas of management.  


This concentration is designed for students enrolled to one of the double degree programs (including CEMS MIM).


Research areas include:

  • New product managementStrategic management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Human resource management
  • Corporate governance, etc.


Graduates of this concentration possess advanced competencies in the field of international business and unique profile formed through training in joint programs with leading partner universities; are able to solve strategic and operational management issues in the field of human resource management, marketing, corporate finance, and form organizational development programs for fast growing Russian and international companies. Graduates are also able to prepare analytical reports for business process management and assessment of their effectiveness in various areas of management in the fast-growing Russian and international companies.


International Logistics & Supply Chain Management (IL&SCM)


This concentration was developed jointly in cooperation with the Deutsche Bahn and Russian Railways Center for International Logistics and Supply Chain Management to further the development of higher education and was supported by Russian Railways. This specialization targets the preparation of highly qualified specialists and top managers in the sphere of logistics and supply chain management. The graduates are qualified for performing effective professional activity in the field of integrated logistics operations and company logistic systems management,  and will also be able to function as leading analysts, researchers, department directors and logistics directors in global shipping companies, industrial and service companies.



Program structure


Training according to the program takes place within 2 years (4 semester), including an obligatory semester of training abroad in one of schools - the GSOM academic partners.


Elements of the MIM program


Professional skills seminars

Practical seminars and trainings on soft skills help to broaden horizons and practical abilities of students. The plan of trainings includes Teamwork skills training, Presentation and Communication skills, Business correspondence and Negotiating improvement, working off of communicative and social skills. All professional skills seminars assume active involvement of Russian and international companies – corporate partners representatives.


Learning of foreign language

Students are given opportunity to learn the second foreign language for obtaining additional competitive benefit. Therefore receiving the corresponding preparation on the second foreign language, besides English, is part of the curriculum and the obligatory requirement for all students. MIM program offers to choose one of languages – French, German, Spanish – to study during three semester (for foreign students there is opportunity to learn Russian as foreign).


Consulting project

One of core disciplines for 2nd year Master students is a consulting project. The students divided into groups on 5-6 people, with obligatory involvement of exchange students carry out under the direction of the project according to the solution of an actual business task formulated by corporate partners. Work on the project is supervised at the same time by the representative of the partner company and a GSOM professor.

Exchange semester

All students have at least one semester abroad as a core part of their curriculum.


Company Internship 

After the first year of study each has company internship as an core part of curriculum. This part of the program is directed on helping the student to apply the gained theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the conditions of real business. Internship lasts not less than 6 weeks and takes place in one of the largest Russian or international companies.



Acquired competences


Ability to prepare analytical materials

Ability to prepare analytical materials for business processes management and estimate their efficiency in various spheres of management in the fast-growing Russian and international companies.


Decision making skills

Strategic and management decision making skills in fields of HRM, marketing, corporate finance and ability to create organizational development programs for rapidly growing Russian and international companies.


Ability to manage different organizations

Ability to manage organizations, departments, teams, projects and corporate networks both in Russian or international companies.


Ability to implement strategic analysis methods

Ability to implement strategic analysis methods as well as behavioral economics analysis of agents and markets in global environment. Also students develop an ability to design strategy.


Business and scientific communication skills

Business and scientific communication skills, ability to use modern methods to manage strategic tasks.



Students’ retention rates


Year MIM
Enrolled Completed in 2 years
2016 110 NA
2015 113 NA
2014 88 78